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The Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace enables Industry, Academia and other innovators to get their solutions in front of eager Government buyers.

What is the Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace?

The Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace is the DoD's digital environment of post-competition, readily awardable, technology solution pitch videos.

The video solutions housed within the marketplace have been assessed and vetted through competitive procedures which satisfy the competition requirements of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS), and the Statutes, Policies, and guidance applicable to the DoD's Other Transaction Authorities.

The Marketplace provides a venue for DoD organizations to search, view, review, compare, contrast, contact, discuss, negotiate, and procure data, analytics, digital, and AI/ML capabilities solutions through rapid acquisition procedures.

For industry, academic partners, and individuals, the Marketplace is a single location to identify, describe, and promote data, analytics, digital, and AI/ML technology solutions, products, and services to the DoD in an environment with a rapid acquisition contract pathway.

Guidance and Instructions

All the essential insights for success on the Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace. The Announcement is your go-to guide for understanding guidelines, objectives, and ensuring your video submission aligns seamlessly with the assessment criteria.
The crucial technical guidelines required to make your submission eligible for assessment and success on the Marketplace. This overview covers the prescribed length, the optimal audio-visual elements, and necessary accessibility features.

Submission Content and Criteria

The four key content elements your 5:00 minute pitch video should include: the problem you’re solving, your solution’s Technology Readiness Level, highlighting potential government impacts, and distinguishing your solution from others.
What is the significance of your Technology Readiness Level (TRL) and why is it so important to get it right? This overview includes guidance to ensure your solution aligns with the appropriate funding and attracts the right government customers across the Acquisition lifecycle.
Focus Area Selection How to select a tech focus area for your video submission to the Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace. Gain insights into critical strategic focus areas and understand their significance to ensure your pitch shines.
Framing the Problem Elevate your solution pitch with this guide on effectively framing the problem for the Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace. Explore the content and criteria necessary for addressing identified problems, ensuring your pitch is compelling and impactful.
The Pricing Model Narrative This video outlines the pricing strategy when pitching a product or service in the Solutions Marketplace.
Technical Narrative The video underscores the crucial role of the Technical Narrative as a concise and impactful gateway to government decision-makers. Emphasizing brevity, clarity, and unique solution aspects, it serves as an elevator pitch to capture attention and pave the way for success in the Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace.

Competition Standards and Authorities

The Solutions Marketplace is supported by The Other Transaction Authorities under statutes at 10 USC 4021 and 10 USC 4022. In this overview, explore what these authorities provide for and how they apply to your submission video.
The Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace is supported by the FAR - Federal Acquisition Regulation (and Defense Supplement) Part 35 for Broad Agency Announcements. Learn about the BAA solicitation method, and how it applies to the competitive procedures designed for the Marketplace, here.
The DFARS (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement) provides authority for the DoD to issue Commercial Solutions Openings (CSOs). Here, learn more about CSOs and how they relate to the Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace procedures.

Assessments and Feedback

Viewing Marketplace Videos Who can view the pitch videos within the Solutions Marketplace? In this video, we'll clarify how these solutions are made available to those who need them.
Solutions Marketplace Assessment Process Gain valuable insights into the assessment process for the Solutions Marketplace, including details about the timeframe, assessment panel, information clarification, focus on technical merit, awardable solutions, and feedback for non-awardable videos.
Vendor Communications Uncover the strategies for effectively communicating your technical offerings to DoD customers with this insightful video. It provides guidance on social media sharing, press releases, and communication plans.

Helpful Documents

The Customer Handbook provides DoD Contracting Personnel with information specific to the Solutions Marketplace Authorities, documentation requirements and resources, reporting responsibilities, and award samples.

Customer Handbook Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace Aug 2023

Explore the highlights and milestones of the past year with the Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace Year in Review, available for download now, featuring a captivating overview of key events, achievements, and insights that shaped our journey in 2023.

Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace Year in Review 2023

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