Deep Media.AI by MGMWERX

Deep Media.AI by MGMWERX

Aug 26, 2022

7:00 AM



MGMWERX proudly presents WERXshops, a series of events, demonstrations, discussions and seminars designed to provide Air University students, Airmen and the public with opportunities to learn from the best Subject Matter Experts.

Deepfakes (a portmanteau of “deep learning” and “fake”) are synthetic media in which a person in an existing image or video is replaced with someone else’s likeness. “Synthetic media” uses hyper-realistic, artificial intelligence and “deep” learning to create “fake” content, video and audio recordings or “deepfakes.” The U.S. government, military, law enforcement and intelligence agencies have grown increasingly concerned about the potential using synthetic media to spread disinformation and commit crimes. That’s because deepfake creators have the power to cause danger, disruption and criminal opportunities, at least through our screens.

The August installment of WERXShops will feature DeepMedia, a revolutionary AI platform company that is setting the standard for responsible synthetic media use. In an age marked by misinformation, DeepMedia incorporates synthetic faces and voices into its Universal Translator to help people communicate across language barriers while simultaneously building datasets to power high-accuracy deepfake detection for the US Government.

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