AI Talent

Bolstering A Future DoD AI Workforce with Critical AI Contract Support

The AI Talent Contract Support Basic Ordering Agreements (BOA) allows government agencies to rapidly and repeatedly onramp contractor talent needed to advise and assist the future AI ready DoD workforce.

AI Talent is a scarce commodity, and the Government must compete with large tech companies to obtain advisory and assistant support (A&AS) contractor support. Many Department of Defense (DoD) offices struggle to define the right labor categories (LCAT) and work statement to acquire such resource. The CDAO will help DoD offices identify labor categories and specific roles, write work statements and performance metrics, and deliver support rapidly.

The DoD can advance its future AI-ready workforce by utilizing A&AS Contractor talent with competitive rates, appropriate LCATS, minimal conflicts of interest, and rapid on-ramping

The current functions of DoD AI agencies include:

1. Oversee the development of strategies to reduce technology and non-technology barriers to AI adoption

2. Ensure warfighting operations are functioning consistently to identify and exploit modernization opportunities

3. Coordinate information flow across the agency and with other agencies

4. Manage taskers and monitor performance measures

5. Elucidate use cases for AI

6. Deliver sustainable, useful, reliable AI Products

7. Inform Operation infrastructure design

8. Inform doctrine

9. Inform talent development/management

10. Educate leaders

11. Improve data (collection, curation, storage, and sharing)

The AI Talent 2.0 vendors shall provide industry-leading, AI-related, non-traditional program and technical management support services and work products to DoD programs, cyber community and customers under individual task orders. This support encompasses the areas of:

Technical Management
  • Agile Development
  • Cyber Analytics
  • Cybersecurity Risk Management
  • Integration
  • DevSecOps
  • Systems Engineering
  • Systems Maintenance and Sustainment
  • System Security Engineer
  • ML Development, and Applied Data Science
  • Testing
Program Management
  • Administration/Operations
  • Graphics
  • Logistics
  • Project Management
  • Training

Helpful Links

AI Talent Slick Sheet - PDF

Ordering Guide

BOA Holder List


Contractor Positions

Cognitive Engineer & Human Factors Engineer

Full Stack Software Engineer

Operations Research and Systems Analyst

UI/UX Designer

Technical Writer

Systems Engineer

Administrative Assistant

Motion Graphics Designer

Budget Analyst

Communications Analyst

Data Scientist

Data Engineer

AI/ML Engineer

Product Test Engineer

Operational Test Engineer

Subject Matter Expert

Next Steps


Step One

Contact our team at


Step Two

Identify support & CFTEs using the Call Order Request Form, and finalize requirements


Step Three

Identify evaluation team, nominate Contracting Officer Representative, and proposal request is sent to BPA holders


Step Four

Evaluations are completed within 1-2 days of receipt, call order is award- ed, and tactical kick-off occurs

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